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Growing Up  Now in E-Book!

Joe Barry Carroll's award-winning memoir is now available as an E-Book.



Shared Culture, Values, and Emotions

by Joe Barry Carroll


Black American Voices - Reading & Discussion

Nov 18, 2017, 2:00 pm

September Gray Gallery

Atlanta, GA


Decatur Book Festival

Black American Voices - Reading & Discussion

Sept 2, 2017, 4:15 pm

Decatur, GA


West Lafayette Library

Black American Voices - Reading & Discussion

Sept 24, 2017, 1 pm

West Lafayette, IN


GROWING UP Available in E-Book and



BLACK AMERICAN VOICES by Joe Barry is a unique collage of narratives, photographs, and works of art that celebrates our shared culture, values, and emotions. The narratives speak truths about legacy, success, faith, soul food, entrepreneurshiip, family, the arts, hair, sexuality, music, the first Black American president, and more. The photographs were gathered from the photo albums and archives of families of African descent living in America. The narratives and photographs are joined by art from the Antonio and Betty Zamora Collection of African Art.  


What People are saying about "BLACK AMERICAN VOICES"


Book Review - CLICK HERE to listen to the review of Black American Voices: Shared Culture, Values, and Emotions


The selections are as delicious as a box of chocolates. The prose is as immediate as flash fiction. And, in some cases, the expression as condensed and profound as a haiku. – Gail O’Neill, Columnist, Arts ATL  CLICK HERE to read ArtsATL article


It is a gem of a book that comes to our shelves only once in a while, and it is treasured when it does. - Nick Schenken, Director, Lafayette Public Library


It’s another voice-driven stunner. Captures and claims all that is grace when infusing personal narratives with art imagery. Bravo and thank you for continuing to fill the story gaps with narratives that matter. - Tiffany


I cried over the description of what it means to "be there" for the people we love, and fell in love with the portrait of the twins, and the accompanying narrative. - CoCo


The stories are beautiful. The pictures are beautiful...the people and their stories remind you of a relative, a sibling, or someone you grew up with. - Amazon reader

This is a careful retrospective of a whole man, not just an athlete.

- Publishers Weekly