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I am pleased to introduce The Antonio and Betty Zamora Trust of African Art. "The Zamora Collection" includes more than 300 items gathered over fifty-six years by Antonio "Tony" Zamora and his wife, Betty. 


I was humbled when he allowed me the opportunity to be the sole trustee to this Trust. Tony and Mrs. Zamora have charged me with the responsibility to carry this incredible collection out into the world.


Mr. Zamora, a Chicago native, was the director of Purdue University's Black Cultural Center from 1973 to 1995 and is currently Director Emeritus. The Center continues to build on that foundation as an oasis for students of color and others as they made their way through the cultural desert that a major Midwestern institution can be. I was a student at Purdue from 1976-1980. We always looked to The Purdue Black Cultural Center as a respite and safe house during my time on that great campus. Through art, entertainment, lectures and cultural programming, Mr. Zamora created a nurturing place for those of us so far from home. He provided this bridge for us on our journey as we left our parents' home and made our way out into the world.


I am hopeful that you will welcome this art and culture into your heart and come to treasure it as I have. Please join me in the celebration of international culture and this treasure for us all to share.


~ Joe Barry Carroll, Trustee

The Antonio and Betty Zamora Collection    


I feel that art is revolution and any real education has to include art.  


It is as important to students of color matriculating at a major university as it is to all people of color as we navigate a larger world that sometimes treat us like foreigners in our own land. You just cannot plant students in what is essentially foreign to them and expect them to do well without nurturing their spirit. As people of color we need our art and color to properly nourish our spirit, our soul in all places.


Our love and respect is deepened as we explore the truth of generations that were before us. Over the years I found myself in pursuit of African life as it expresses itself through culture. To discover how critical to our development and the true development of civilization.


When I discovered the truth about history, I found the truth of myself. Every question begged yet another question. The more I learned the more that I discovered about myself.


The art has been this wonderful meeting place for Betty and I as we made our way through over fifty-six years of marriage. In some ways the art and our marriage is inseparable. We have always loved each other and art is part of that mighty love.


~ Antonio "Tony" Zamora,

The Antonio and Betty Zamora Collection

Director Emeritus, Purdue University Black Cultural Center 

I cannot fully express with words how we arrived at this collection. This is a collection that says so much about us.


We love art and we love our people. In many ways we are unable to separate our people and art.


Our lives have been dedicated to what continues to be a spiritual journey. All of this is part of our being and our soul. The art is true to who we are; it tells us who we are, where we have been and where we are now going.


~ Betty Zamora,

The Antonio and Betty Zamora Collection