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Growing Up is  Joe Barry Carroll's memoir, which includes 70 of his paintings.


Available in 12"x12" hardcover and e-book.

This is a careful retrospective of a whole man, not just an athlete. - Publishers Weekly


Joe Barry Carroll's Growing Up is poetic, strong, fragile, and honest. It tells universal stories that flow, and move us and remind us how resilient the human spirit can be. - Kenny Leon - Tony Award winning Broadway stage, Television and Film Director


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Joe Barry Carroll Publishing launched in 2014 with the release of “Growing Up…In Words and Images,” a memoir coffee-table book by Joe Barry Carroll. This award-winning book was released in e-book format in May 2017.

Joe Barry Carroll Publishing will release new books in 2017, including “Black American Voices,” by Joe Barry Carroll, and “Real Answers to Your Questions about LGBTQ,” by Tara Y. Coyt.

Available in 9-1/4"x 10-1/4" soft cover.

It’s another voice-driven stunner. Captures and claims all that is grace when infusing personal narratives with art imagery. Bravo and thank you for continuing to fill the story gaps with narratives that matter. - Tiffany 


I cried over the description of what it means to "be there" for the people we love, and fell in love with the portrait of the twins, and the accompanying narrative. - CoCo 


The stories are beautiful. The pictures are beautiful...the people and their stories remind you of a relative, a sibling, or someone you grew up with. - TycToc 

Growing Up