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Joe Barry Carroll began painting several years ago in his home studio. Seventy of Joe's  acrylic and mixed materials paintings are featured in the memoir coffee table book Growing Up . . . In Words and Images. His paintings have also been exhibited at the Hisotric Arkansas Museum and Purdue University.


Carroll uses paintings to tell stories. In Growing Up they help tell the story of a young boy who was shaped and guided by the people and places he encountered growing up in the American south, "up north" in Denver and eventually in the NBA. The paintings provide a visual of those who helped an impressionable and unsure boy discover his strengths and weakenesses and influenced  his decision to make a positive impact on the world.



Sept 2015-Jan 2016, Historic Arkansas Museum


Sept 2015, Blair Caldwell African American Research Library

"Man on the Road" a painting by Joe Barry Carroll appears on the cover of his latest book, "BLACK AMERICAN VOICES,  Shared Culture, Values and Emotions." Release date: August 2017